About Me

Heather Bozant Witcher is an Assistant Professor at Saint Louis University. Research interests include: British Long Nineteenth Century Literature and Culture; Romantic and Victorian Poetics; Theories of Collaboration and Sympathy; Gender and Sexuality Studies; Pre-Raphaelite Literature and Art.

Her research uses the literary archive as a means of exploring diversity and connections between creative process and lived communal experience. Her first monograph is currently under consideration at Cambridge University Press, and explores sympathetic collaboration in the long nineteenth century. Sympathetic Texts retrieves marginal and divergent voices that have been elided or silenced by the prevailing model of solitary authorship.

Currently, she is researching the Pre-Raphaelites. This second project uses the archive to diversify the literary canon: it celebrates multiplicity, the circulation of ideas, and the unfinished as touchpoints for how words work, how forms affect the poem, and how these thought processes are shaped by involvement in coteries that remain mindful of immigration, imperial expansion, and diversity. Coinciding with this project, she is co-editing a collection of essays that seeks to identify the formal and stylistic qualities of literary Pre-Raphaelitism.

Her approach to research has also been nationally recognized. She was the 2016 Amy P. Goldman Fellowship in Pre-Raphaelite Studies. In addition, she was awarded the 2015 William Morris Award for young career research.